Doing business with Hispania


How to do business with Hispania in five steps:

  1. Send the quotation enquiry concerning the business in question to the email address of the underwriter in charge of the product.
  2. Quotation enquiry response times vary in accordance with the type of risk to be placed. In some cases, an answer/quote may be given in a matter of hours but in others, it may take longer. It will depend to a large extent on the information provided in the enquiry and the complexity of the risk to be placed.
  3. Presentation of the quotation, designed to meet the customer’s needs.
  4. Policy terms and conditions will be provided in Spanish or English, as the customer prefers.
  5. Premiums, claims and fees will be paid in euros, US dollars or pounds sterling.
  • Claims will be processed in compliance with the usual rules and the appraisals of local loss adjusters, solicitors, etc. Claims must be addressed to Hispania, which will follow the entire process through with the pertinent syndicate.

Advantages for our customer

  • Greater competitiveness against the big brokers.
  • Enhances his standing in the eyes of the end-customer by providing access to new, hitherto exclusive markets.
  • Freedom from the barriers and limitations of the international market.
  • Benefits from a climate of transparency and clarity, as laid down in our Code of Conduct.
  • No great cost. He can even improve his margins.
  • Gains direct access to Lloyd’s and therefore, to the ENTIRE Lloyd’s market.
  • As we act solely as wholesalers, there will never be any competition.
  • We aim for a long-term relationship with our customers.