Our customers

We are currently working with over 650 customers under mercantile agreements of collaboration:

  • Insurance and reinsurance brokers
  • Underwriting agencies
  • Insurance and reinsurance companies.

Our goals

  • Show all our customers that they can look beyond the usual market players to find insurance solutions hitherto considered to be out of reach.
  • Do away with the preconceived idea that administration and service are complicated. Allay local fears of pure international placement.
  • At the very least, ensure for our customer traditional average margins on local placement.
  • Step up the international vision of insurance, along with its possibilities and alternatives on the markets within its scope.

Our approach

  • Our project is built on three central pillars: a young, dynamic, highly-trained team; our values; and quality in the service provided to both our domestic and international customers.
  • In our approach to the market, we abide by two clearly-defined, unshakable principles:
  1. We act solely as wholesalers: we never address the end-customer.
  2. We place business solely on international markets: we do not go to local markets.