Our values



First and foremost, we are committed to excellence in the service we provide. At Hispania Risk Broker we listen carefully to our customers, no matter how small, working with them as we prioritise their needs at each and every stage of a contract’s life: placement, administration and claims.

The claim lies at the very core of our services for it is here that the quality of an insurance policy is truly put to the test. This is why, when processing a claim, we close ranks around our customer, keeping him constantly abreast of developments while we call on the cooperation of underwriters, loss adjusters, specialised solicitors and anyone else whose services might be necessary to ensure a rapid, satisfactory solution.


Hispania Risk Broker is, in itself, an innovative company insofar as it is the first and only one to have been authorised as a Lloyd’s broker in Spain and Portugal.

And innovation entails thinking out of the box: seeking out alternatives to adapt them to the customer’s requirements, or devising new possibilities which would never have occurred to him. A whole new world of products, distribution methods, contract design, claim processing and paperwork, all geared towards not just coming up to our customers’ expectations but surpassing them.


Just how trustworthy a company proves to be is a measure of its transparency, but being transparent does not mean telling everybody everything. At Hispania Risk Broker, transparency is combined with another of our values: independence from certain other interests.

At our company, transparency is both a philosophy and an administrative tool deployed on three fronts :

  1. With the customers
  2. With the underwriters
  3. With the shareholders.


Hispania Risk Broker’s strength derives from its absolute independence:

– We base our decisions on what is best for the customers, irrespectively of who and where they are, no matter how small.

– We are afforded total freedom by our legal structure, corporate layout and business model.

– Hispania Risk Broker is not linked to any industrial or banking group, or to any multinational concern with or without interests in the insurance sector. Its status and shareholders are completely independent.

– Our business model is based entirely on the wholesale market.

A higher margin for the customer

As Hispania Risk Broker works on a single front through its offices in London, Madrid and Barcelona , there is one link less in the chain to gain access to Lloyd’s. This means that the margin on the operation does not have to be shared with other teams or offices but only with our customer and the insurance and reinsurance broker, in the main.

Thanks to this, in practically all cases, Hispania Risk Broker offers its customer a higher share in the fee generated.

The absence of middlemen and, on our side, of a minimum-fee requirement, translates to a higher margin for all concerned, whether the operation is with an insurance broker, a reinsurance broker, a company or even with an end-customer.


If there is one thing that sets Lloyd’s apart, it is its specialisation, and Hispania Risk Broker wants to make sure that its customers are fully aware of this.

Although Lloyd’s accepts risks of all kinds, it is noted particularly for those of a more complicated nature, along with those that are hard to rate and/or are large-scale. Our market tends to go to Lloyd’s only to insure risks that are not catered for on the local market. Lloyd’s is, however, a generalist market where anything from a simple General Civil Liability policy to an oil rig, climate changes and parts of a celebrity’s body may be insured.

While Hispania Risk Broker is largely generalist in scope, it is ever-mindful of the need to offer its customers true added value, combined with wide experience and high service levels. We deal in a considerable number of products and areas, ranging from Professional or General Civil Liability to contingencies, maritime, energy and aviation to political, professional and financial risk, in the form of both direct insurance and reinsurance.